Fine work in wood – nothing more, nothing less

Wester Ross Woodwork is owned and operated by Sandy Boyd, a graduate of the world-renowned Chippendale International School of Furniture. We are prominently situated on Pier Road, Gairloch, in Scotland’s beautiful west highlands, where the views and ambience continue to provide inspiration.

We design and build furniture to commission and also fitted work, particularly bespoke kitchen, study and bedroom furniture.

We often engage in sympathetic restorations of period pieces. Please visit our galleries for images of our work.

Sandy Boyd, Wester Ross Woodwork

Wester Ross Woodwork by a working harbour


Freestanding or portable pieces we loosely term ‘furniture’

In some ways this work can be the most exciting and creative, because you are not bound by the constraints of fitted work that has to adapt to walls ceilings and windows! We love to work on unique designs which we can help you realise, using sustainable, locally sourced materials.

Please do talk to Sandy about your ideas!

Fitted Work

Bespoke fitted work is usually, but not limited to, kitchens, bedrooms and studies.

The difference in having your own unique design, making the absolute most of the space available und using exactly and only the materials you love is hard to quantify but extremely easy to feel. There is something special about proper craftsman fitted work.


Don’t lose the thing you love!

Restorations take a very particular set of skills, because to do them properly, you have to be sympathetic to the way the craftsman originally approached it. What joint method did he use and why, which timbers did he select and did they work as he intended, what colour has the wood mellowed to over the years?Each of these questions needs to be answered, and you need to be able to make your work blend in.

A perfect job means you don’t know its been done!

How we work

It all starts with a chat..

This is not mass produced work, so each project is tailored to the client. We ask that we work in sustainable materials, sourced locally wherever possible as this is important to both us and our environment.

For new work we will usually make up drawings and sketches so we can all visual what we are trying to achieve, or we can often work from yours if you have them. We will then carefully select the materials, and you will be made welcome in the workshop to check on progress.